I’m Happy and Other Lies I Tell Myself by Trish Anderson

She said: I knew I was reading something special from the very first line: Men are pigs. Matt read it, looked at me, and rolled his eyes (because MEN ARE ALSO DEFENSIVE). But then he continued reading and I continued reading and we found ourselves laughing so often that we forgot about the insult/truth. I’m... Continue Reading →

The Institute by Stephen King

He said: Stephen King, kids, and a book called The Institute. It already sounds fucked up, right? This is not the kind of story I would have ever read if someone had only used those three characteristics of describing the book. If you’ve been following us (thank you!), you know this isn’t the first time... Continue Reading →

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

This time around, we have a special guest reviewer: Erica’s mother, Alice.   She (the daughter) said: It seems fitting to have my mom review Colleen Hoover’s Regretting You with me since this book revolves around a mother and daughter relationship. Morgan, the mother, is in her mid-30s while Clara, the daughter, is 16 going on 17.... Continue Reading →

Downfall by Willow Aster

She said: There's nothing better than reading a book with a strong and fierce female lead. Give me a woman who fights for her beliefs and stands her ground and I'm hollering her name from rooftops. Eden is as fierce and forthcoming as they come. Forced into an arranged marriage, Eden and her fiancé, Luka,... Continue Reading →

The Falling of Stars by Traci Finlay

She said: The Falling of Stars is the story of what comes after a high-schooler has committed suicide. How it affects the boy’s family, friends, school. And how it penetrates the minds of two crucial characters, the dual narrators: Eve (a concerned mother) and Malik (Eve’s 16-year-old son who also happens to be a former... Continue Reading →

Filthy Vows by Alessandra Torre

She said: You know that emoji with the big eyes and closed mouth? The one that epitomizes HOLY SHIT? That was my expression after finishing Alessandra Torre’s Filthy Vows. As soon as I put the book down, I texted Matt nine of those faces because one just wasn’t enough. I am stuck in a state of... Continue Reading →

Desert Rose by K Moore

He said: Desert Rose by K Moore is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that had me hooked from the first chapter. The book takes place in Dubai and revolves around Jen, our US expat narrator, who is a married mother of two. Jen is living in Dubai because her husband (also a US expat) does... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Burken by Traci Finlay

He said: If you’re new to following us, then welcome! Those of you who have been following us for some time have probably seen a trend in the types of books we review. They tend to be romance, or as Erica has shared with me, “New Adult Contemporary Romance,” which is not to be confused... Continue Reading →

Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan

She said: This is the hardest review I’ll ever write because this book was personal to me. I need to say that upfront because what you’re about to read is a little different from previous reviews we’ve written. Let’s start with some background… Hook Shot is the fourth and final book (third full-length novel) of the... Continue Reading →

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